Indonesia: As Balinese flee volcanic eruption, some stay to rescue animals and abandoned pets

Animal welfare activist Janice Giradi and her team at Bali Welfare Association have made an appeal for donations, as they continue to rescue animals and pets, against the looming threat of a volcano eruption from nearby Mount Agung, in Bali, on Wednesday. «Well nobody knows how, when the volcano might erupt or how bad it will be. We will stay here, we will keep working, we will keep rescuing... Еще until it's too dangerous to do so» Giradi said. Giradi has taken to employing local refugees, “we're training them, we're vaccinating them for Rabies, but all of it costs a lot of money”, she said. 70,000 planned trips have been cancelled and 140,000 Balinese have fled in fear over a repeat of the 1963 eruption that left 1000 people dead.

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