Indian farmer builds lean mean TREE CLIMBING machine to harvest nuts faster

A forty-nine-year-old farmer from Bantwal, in southwest India's Karnataka state, built and designed a tree climbing machine capable of racing up trees in seconds, as shown in footage from Thursday. In order to vertically climb palm trees and harvest betel nuts faster, Ganapathi Bhat assembled the device using bits scavenged from a range of different machines. «It's my habit to buy all the... Еще latest farming machines from the market and check the product formula and find out problems in those machines. I mixed all those products' technology and came up with this unique one,» he explained. According to Ganapathi, the machine can climb up to 30 metres (98.5 feet) high in a matter of seconds. As shown on footage, all the operator needs to do is ensure the machine is correctly attached around the tree, take his seat, and start his journey up to the top. Ganapathi says that while he has spent a substantial amount of money on the machine, he is ready to sell if for 75,000 Indian rupees ($1,000 / €955). After his invention went viral on social media, he has already received 300 orders. «I am a farmer and I don't have financial backing to manufacture it in large numbers. I am ready to sell for those who pay in advance. I can deliver the product to them within eight days,» he said.

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