Indian chief priest smashes COCONUTS on thousands of devotees heads!

Thousands of devotees had coconuts smashed on theirs heads at the annual Adiperuku festival in Mettu Mahadanapuram on Saturday. The event, held at the Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, is a celebration of the life-sustaining properties of water, part of a two-day festival which attracts crowds of worshippers from across southern India. Those who suffer injuries when a coconut is smashed on them refrain... Еще from getting for treatment out of respect for the deities and prefer to apply turmeric instead. The event has attracted condemnation from Tamil Nadu's State Human Rights Commission. However, since the practice is not known to have led to fatalities or major injuries the local government and courts permitted the event to go ahead. The Sri Mahalakshmi Temple dates back to the 13th Century.

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