India: Worshippers, including TODDLERS, put scorpions on their FACES for Naga Panchami

Thousands gathered on a hilltop at Kondammai temple in Kandkoor in Yadgir district, Friday, to take part in the Naga Panchami festival, where devotees worship the snakes and scorpions by placing the animals on their bodies and faces. «Every year we come here during Nag Panchami Festival.» said devotee Devaki. «After worshipping the goddess we search for the snakes and scorpions and put them on... Еще our palm, head, mouth and all over our body. It won't bite and nothing happens to us. The deity will save us.» The holy festival is celebrated throughout India and Nepal, with worshippers making offerings to the gods, with a lot of the festivities aimed at honouring of snakes, who play an important role during Naga Panchami.
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