India: Three-year-old girl recovered from bore well after 30-hour rescue op

SOT, reporter (Hindu): «Did the child eat?» SOT, Mohammad Mahfoos, rescuer (Hindu): «No. The child is very healthy, there is no problem.» SOT, reporter (Hindu): «So when you took the child was she crying?» SOT, Mohammad Mahfoos, rescuer (Hindu): «Yes but we tried to calm her and told her that she would taken for a happy ride on a plane.» Three-year-old Sana was rescued from a 110-feet (34... Еще metre) bore well, after rescuers completed an over 30-hour operation in the Bihar Munger district on Thursday. The girl fell in the well the day before reportedly while playing near it. One of the rescuers Mohammad Mahfoos said that the girl's hip, leg and back were stuck so it took time to rescue her. «The child is very healthy, there is no problem» added Mahfoos, saying that Sana was later taken to hospital by plane. The outcome of the operation was successful since, according to the media, the rescue team managed to install an oxygen pipe into the bore well so the girl could breath throughout the whole rescue process.

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