India: Sea of 100,000 protesters rally against citizenship law in Hyderabad

Over 100,000 joined the demonstration dubbed 'Million March' in the south-eastern city of Hyderabad on Saturday to protest India's new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Protesters chanted «we want justice» and held signs reading «Protest against CAA/ NRC/ NPR» and «Happy New Fear.» One of the demonstrators, Mohammata, said «it's not about how much time it will take us,» before adding «we'll keep... Еще protesting, whether they listen or not, one way or the other they will have to listen.» Another protester, Taj, compared the citizenship law to the «Nuremberg laws of Hitler» and the persecution of Jews. «The government wants to do the same with the people of India, with the Muslims,» he said. The rally was reportedly organised by an umbrella group of Muslim and civil society organisations. Protests have swept the country after the Indian Parliament passed a bill on December 11, entitling religious minority migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to Indian citizenship if they entered the country before 2015. The amendment has come under criticism for discriminating against undocumented Muslim migrants.

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