India: Public health emergency declared in Delhi as air quality remains severe

Air pollution reached critical levels in large parts of North India with authorities declaring a public health emergency in Delhi on Saturday, with the Indian capital recording up 435 on the Air Quality Index (AQI), down from as high as 484 on Friday.. Delhi authorities have enforced the even-odd traffic rule, allowing only vehicle with either odd or even number plates to drive within the city... Еще during a particular day. People have been advised to stay indoors, schools have been closed until Tuesday, government employees have had office hours reduced and all construction work in the city has been halted. «We are facing a lot of health issues due to these pollution levels. Eye irritation, skin irritation, lung isues and breathing issues are a serious problem,» said Delhi resident Sanjitha. «The Rashtrapati Bhavan [official residence of Indian President] is covered with a blanket of smog. Dust is everywhere, so I have to wearing a mask even in the early morning. Even breathing has become a problem,» added Mukul, another resident of the Indian capital. At least 12 cities in the region recorded an AQI of over 400 with Karol Bagh recording 633 on the AQI and Ghaziabad reaching 571. According to the Ministry of Earth Science, an AQI of up to 50 is considered 'good', up to 100 is 'satisfactory', up to 200 is 'modest', up to 300 is 'poor', up to 400 is 'very poor', up to 500 is considered 'severe' and over 500 is considered 'sever-plus emergency.'

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