India: Protesting women defy coronavirus measures to continue fighting against citizenship act

Over five hundred women are defying government measures regarding coronavirus to be able to continue their sit-in protest against India's controversial Citizenship Amendment act (CAA) at Shaheen Bagh in New Dehli. Despite the lack of hand-washing facilities and their lack of ability to perform recommended social distancing rules due to their vicinity to each other, the 500 women believe that... Еще their sit-in protest which has lasted 97 days already, is as important, if not more important than the current coronavirus crisis. «It's more than three months since we started these protests and sitting here for our rights to save the constitution. We never knew in the middle this that coronavirus will attack our country. If you ask me whether we are scared, twice firing happened in these areas, when we are not scared of that why we are going to be scared of this coronavirus,» Noor Jahan, a protester at the sit-in explained. Defending the actions of herself and her fellow protesters, Noor Jahan went on to say «we are more scared of the black law and if we don't have any papers to show and if we are unable to provide the required documents then we will be sent to the detention camps, our parents and children will be sent to the detention camps, we are more scared of that. It's better to die here in coronavirus than going to detention camps.» Protests have swept the country since the Indian Parliament passed the CAA on December 11, entitling religious minority migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to Indian citizenship if they entered the country before the end of December 2014. The amendment has come under criticism for discriminating against undocumented Muslim migrants. India has registered 249 confirmed cases of COVID-19 thus far, leading to five deaths from the virus.

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