India: Protesters rally in front of Delhi University against citizenship act

Protesters rallied in front of New Delhi University on Wednesday to protest the recently ratified Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Actor Zeeshan Ayyub and Professor Arun Kumar were among notable figures who attended the rally. According to the reports, Indian author Arundhati Roy was also in attendance where she gave a speech. A student from the Jamia... Еще Millia Islamia University, Damini, said that she is protesting against «a very draconian act.» «They might have a majority in the parliament, but they do not have a majority on the streets. The majority on the streets is the people, the common Indian citizen who is coming here, who is coming out and protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC,» she added. Damini also denounced alleged police violence against protesters. «People, common students were kicked out of the campus. The police went inside the library and kicked the people, they beat [them] brutally and a lot of my friends have been brutally beaten up,» she said. India has been swept by protests after Indian Parliament passed the bill on December 11, entitling non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to Indian citizenship if they entered the country before 2015. Critics of the bill believe that it could result in the further exclusion of some 200 million Muslims living in the country.

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