India: Protesters burn Xi effigy in Kolkata after deadly clashes with Chinese forces

Protesters took to the streets in Kolkata on Thursday, days after 20 Indian soldiers were confirmed dead in clashes at the India-China border in Ladakh. The protesters set an effigy of Xi Jinping alight, calling on the Indian government to boycott China and impose an embargo on Chinese goods. «Bring up a ban on all the imported goods which are coming now from China because we need to send a very strong message to the Chinese premier that whatever their game of deception which they are playing is not right,» said Saurab Upajiya, a Kolkata resident who participated in the protests. The clashes occurred in the Kashmir region disputed among India, China, and Pakistan, and are thought to be the first deadly scuffle in several decades. Dozens more injuries were reported. India had previously come to new agreements in China regarding Line of Actual Control in the lead-up to the fatal incident, which both sides claim were violated.


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