India: New Delhi residents react as confirmed COVID cases surpass 2 million

Although India's COVID-19 tally topped the two million cases on Thursday, measures and restrictions in many states have been eased. The actual number of cases could be probably much higher than the official figures suggest. «Because there isn't enough testing done here and the test records are not maintained properly. If they do the testing like how it's happening in other parts of the world, then the cases could be more than 5 million,» suggested Babloo, a local trader in New Delhi. People were socializing and disregarding social distancing rules on the streets of New Delhi, which worries some of the citizens and calls trust in government's decisions into question. Low death rate led to the repeal of a lockdown and reopening of many city's hotspots, in spite of the constant increase of new infections. India is now the third country after the US and Brazil to have reached such high numbers of confirmed COVID cases. It took India only three weeks (or 21 days) to reach its second million, which is much faster than US (43 days) and Brazil (21 days).

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