India: Gun licences exchanged for blankets destined for shivering cows

Authorities are issuing gun licences in exchange for blankets in the city of Gwalior. A licence is only provided once the applicant has handed in 10 blankets and passed the necessary background checks. The covers are distributed to poor families and to animal shelters who use them to keep their cattle warm amid recent frigid temperatures. Local residents were seen bringing in blankets in exchange... Еще for gun licences at a municipal office in Gwalior on Thursday. «We ask the applicant, that if they can contribute 10 blankets that would be given to poor people and cows, they will be given a licence for arms,» said Nirmal Singh Kirar, an arms clerk. He stressed that the necessary background checks are carried out before the licences are issued. «The initiative taken by the district magistrate is very good and we hope the blankets we give really help the poor people during this winter season,» said Vinod Girjar, who is seeking an arms licence. Local officials were seen handing out blankets to residents of Gwalior who have endured chilly temperatures in recent weeks. «Our members from the Family Planning Associations of India identify the poor and needy people and distribute the blankets. This really helped poor people to be saved from these extremely cold conditions,» said Jaspreet Kaur, a Gwalior family planning associate. Local authorities introduced the blankets-for-licence ordinance after several cows perished due to the extreme cold late last year. A previous initiative had seen gun licences handed out only when aspirants had planted a certain number of saplings.

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