India: Fears grow as Nipah virus death toll rises to 15

Experts and staff of Perambra Taluk Hospital in Kerala are afraid that the patients and family members will be infected with the Nipah virus, which has now killed 15 people, by Thursday. The latest victims were 55-year-old Madhusoodan and a 28-year-old Akhil. A further 17 people have tested positive for the virus, which causes deadly Encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. Perambra Taluk... Еще Hospital even lost one of their staff members — nurse Lini, who became infected with Nipah while caring for patients. Doctor Sasidharan Puthenpurakkal advised maintaining «personal hygiene and respiratory hygiene» as well as a «balanced diet» to help resist the virus, even if it has already entered the body. Nipah was first observed in Malaysia in 1998. It was detected in southern India for the first time earlier in May and is thought to be spread from human to human. No vaccine has been developed so far.

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