India: Eid al-Adha goat sales go online amid pandemic

Goat farmers have turned to online platforms for retail sales ahead of Eid al-Adha, as physical animal markets remain closed in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh due to COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions, on Wednesday. PashuBajaar is one such online company offering livestock sale services. The company, which is located in Rasoolpur Sadat village near Lucknow, connects farmers directly with buyers. The CEO of PashuBajaar Sanjeev Kumar explained, «Here you are looking the goat at the ease of your laptop or in your home, looking at the details of the goat, the basic information including the genetic information of the goat.» Kumar added that all goats were checked and tested by a veterinary doctor, «if your animal is going to get infected then you are going to get infected or vice versa, so we are creating a distance through a virtual market.» He said that sales online have sky rocketed thanks to COVID-19 as well as a change in peoples consumer practices, «800 percent higher website visit and more customers. Around 3000 customers within the last one month have booked it online.» One online customer Vikas Kumar said he was very happy with buying online, «If I go to the wholesale livestock market I can see the different varieties of sheep and goats and can bargain the price with the seller. The same way here I can see the varieties and the company also offers a 20 percent discount, so I am satisfied buying online.»

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