India: Citizens queue at Delhi liquor store as 'corona' tax adds 70% to price of alcohol

Scores of local residents queued up outside a liquor store in Delhi to purchase alcohol on Wednesday, one day after the government introduced a 70 percent 'corona' tax on liquor to dissuade people from overcrowding stores. Queues continued despite the price increase, as state security personnel supervised those in line to guarantee physical distancing measures were enforced. Ramesh, a liquor... Еще buyer in the line seemed outraged by the situation, as he alleged that police were helping to facilitate the illegal sale of alcohol and to turn customers away as a consequence. «I am waiting in line from morning the 8:30,» he said, «but I couldn't get the liquor. In the queue, there were around 500 people, most of them couldn't get it. But they are selling boxes and boxes of liquor in the black market, policemen are helping them to collect the boxes from the rear gate and are sending the public away.» White circles have been drawn on the road to indicate where customers should remain, in order to keep their distance from one another as part of regulations to curb the epidemic. The Delhi government announced the special corona tax of 70 percent on alcohol prices on Monday after physical distancing regulations were ignored in the first place, although the excise duty would reportedly be unlikely to remain in place throughout the year. As of Wednesday, India has 49,436 coronavirus cases and 1,695 related fatalities, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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