India: Chennai residents mark 14-hour coronavirus test 'curfew' with 'street celebrations'

Empty streets, shut businesses and beaches, as well as closed metro stations, could be seen in Chennai on Sunday as Indian citizens observed a 14-hour test curfew announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. «The initiative that has been taken by the government, we are really thankful that looking at the size of India, we should be very, very active. And we are thankful this time to the... Еще government for being proactive. Looking at various countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and China it could have been a disaster for India,» said local Vikram Jain. The curfew, in which people were urged to stay indoors, lasted from 07:00 (01:30 GMT) until 21:00 (15:30 GMT) and was a test to evaluate India's ability to fight the virus. People also showed their appreciation for health and social workers' efforts in fighting the outbreak by clapping, cheering as well as making noise with pots and pans. The initiative was picked up across the country after the Prime Minister called upon everyone to show their gratitude at 17:00 (11:00 GMT) from their balconies and windows. India has registered 376 confirmed cases of COVID-19 thus far, leading to seven deaths from the virus.

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