India: Chennai faces crippling water crisis

A particularly hot summer has brought a major water crisis to Chennai, one of India’s largest cities, as filmed on Thursday. The four lakes supplying the city with water have dried up forcing the government to arrange deliveries to residential areas. «Water is not properly distributed to all areas in Chennai. We are getting water once in two days. People are complaining that the water is not... Еще reaching their areas. This is the current situation», said Karthik, an activist in Chennai. Residents were seen on the streets filling up jars and buckets with water brought by tank trucks. Less than four years ago, the now drought-ridden city was hit by devastating floods but activists blame the government for inefficiency in storing the water. “We have to save the rain water properly. Also we shouldn't cut any more trees and try and grow more trees so there are more chances of getting more rain. Finally, we need to have a clear plan to save the rain water», said Karthik.

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