IKEA opens its first-ever second-hand store in sustainability push

IKEA Sweden opened its first-ever second-hand store to prolong the life of their products and reduce their carbon footprint, in Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm. Ikea staff were filmed on Thursday preparing the store ahead of its Monday opening. Jonas Carlehed, IKEA Sweden's sustainability manager, explained that this second-hand store is part of Ikea's commitment to creating a more sustainable and circular product. «We know from our overall climate footprint from Ikea that the materials we use, that's 40 percent of our total climate footprint,» he said. ''So of course it is super important for us to lower this footprint,'' he added. IKEA is also working closely with local organisations, such as Samhall and GIAB, which handle the repair of the second-hand items coming into the store. «What I think is great with this collaboration is that this gives both furniture and people a second chance, we combined the two aspects of sustainability,» explained Anna Hagvall, the sustainability manager from Samhall, an organisation which works with disabled people, and helps them to enter the labour market.

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