Iceland: Residents express hope and confusion ahead of second snap elections

Reykjavik residents shared their thoughts about the upcoming snap parliamentary elections in the capital, Friday. The vote is the second in less than a year and is going ahead after the governing coalition collapsed in September. One resident, Andrew, said «I'm kind of in two minds about the elections tomorrow. On one hand, it is this kind of feeling like oh — here we go again. But you know I'm... Еще hopeful though that we won't be choosing corrupt parties who have been over the past decades.» Another resident, Sigurbgorg, meanwhile, said that «people are really confused» by the current political situation, adding that «they want some changes but they don't really know what exactly to vote.» «Knowing that we have so much problem with people paying taxes and finding out that these are actually the people on the top level who are not paying taxes or cheating on the system is actually really serious,» she said, referring to a tax evasion scandal last year which allegedly involved government officials. Other residents expressed the opinion that there is a lot to be done by the next government. «I think it is very important to stabilise the currency,» said Hilda, adding the many young people are «really struggling» to afford housing. Lii Roy Tipton of Reykjavik pointed out the importance of the next government working in unity, saying that «if nobody can work together we will not change, so the elections won't matter.» The government collapsed in September after it was discovered that the father of incumbent Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson had written a letter to the Ministry of the Interior proposing to «restore the honour» of a convicted child sex offender. Alleged attempts to cover up the incident was revealed, triggering a snap election. The vote comes after the previous prime minister stepped down after being cauight up in the Panama Papers scandal last year.

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