‘I want to walk around’ — 121 year old Mexican claims to be world’s oldest man

SOT, Manuel Garcia Hernandez, Alleged oldest man in the world (Spanish): «I am 101, I am 121 years old.» Ciudad Juarez resident Manuel Garcia Hernandez claims to be the world’s oldest man at the ripe old age of 121, taking care of his chickens every day and never missing a chance to be active. According to his birth certificate and Mexican ID, Hernandez was born in Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, on... Еще December 24, 1896. The sprightly senior noted he doesn’t feel a day over 80. “If I were only lying down or sitting down I would already be sick,” he said. He has never contacted the Guinness World Records to verify his claim of being eight years older than current record holder Masazo Nonaka of Japan. The officially recorded oldest human in history is Jeanne Calment from France who died at the age of 122 in 1997.

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