I only orderd 1! Bavarian breaks beer carrying world record carrying 29 steins

Bavarian Oliver Strumpfel broke his own 2016 world record for carrying the most number of beer mugs at the Hallertau Gillamoos festival in Abensberg, Sunday. Under the eyes of dozens of onlookers, Strumpfel managed to carry 27 beer steins over a distance of 40 metres (131 feet). «Then he decided to bring [the record] up,» stated the highest record judge at Rekord Institute for Germany Olaf... Еще Kuchenbecker, who supervised the Oktoberfest-ish challenge. A short time later Strumpfel tried to carry over the same distance 31 mugs; however «two fell down, so couldn't be counted [within] the record total. 29 is now the official benchmark,» said Kuchenbecker. In 2016 Strumpfel carried 25 beer mugs for 40 metres (131 feet). The record comes ahead of the 184th Oktoberfest, which will run between September 16 and October 3.

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