«I'll show you, Korea!» — Trump caricature coal ready for (nuclear) winter

Russian businessman Dmitri Demin produced a brand of charcoal which is emblazoned with political caricatures and slogans mocking US President Donald Trump, Novosibirsk, Thursday. A screaming Trump is shown as gun-toting and frothing at the mouth, surrounded by bombs, threatening North Korea by saying «I'll show you Kuzkina's mother…», a phrase which references former USSR leader Nikita Khrushchev... Еще's mistranslated attack on the United States during the Cold War. An equivalent in English would be to «teach someone a lesson», with the punishment remaining unspecified. «No other political leader has ever allowed himself to behave that way, especially the leader of the US. Trump announced that he does not like North Korea and that he will destroy it. 25 million people,» Demin said of Trump's United Nations speech. This isn't the first politically inspired design created by Demin, who's the CEO of Zhariki. He's previously launched a special line of charcoal dedicated to former US President Barack Obama called Obamawood.
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