Hungary: ‘EC supports just one thing, the reception of illegal migrants’ — FM Szijjarto on ECJ refugee ruling

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that the “EC supports just one thing, and that is the reception of illegal migrants” after the European Court of Justice rejected Hungary and Slovakia's challenge to the EU quota system to relocate 120,000 immigrants around EU member states. He was speaking in Budapest, Wednesday. “It does not support border protection or the matter of defence... Еще,” the foreign minister said, adding “the Hungarian fence is the defence itself. Those, who decline to support the issue of the fence, decline the defense of Hungary and Europe.» Hungarian Minister of Justice Laszlo Trocsanyi stressed that Hungary will continue to focus on defending its sovereignty and constitutional rights, adding “the Committee violates the right of defence and equality of member states.» The quota was approved in 2015 by most European member states. The latest ruling by the ECJ means that Hungary and Slovakia could face fines if they refuse to accept their quota of refugees.
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