Hungary: Demonstrators rally outside Ukrainian embassy calling for separation of Carpathian Ruthenia

Scores of demonstrators gathered outside the Ukrainian embassy in Budapest, Friday, calling for the separation of Carpathian Ruthenia, a territory that used to be under the control of both Hungary and the Czechoslovak Republic. Among the demonstrators were many supporters of radical nationalist party Jobbik, also known as Movement for a Better Hungary, who showed up to the “self-Determination... Еще for Transcarpathia” rally with both the national and the patriotic Arpad Stripes flags. Member of the European Parliament for Jobbik Krisztina Morvai and party parliamentary representative Tamas Gaudi-Nagy also attended the demonstration. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reportedly sent the Hungarian Foreign Ministry a note of protest condemning the rally. Carpathian Ruthenia was part of the Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary before World War I. Between 1918 and 1939 it was part of the First and Second Czechoslovak Republic, after which it returned under the Kingdom of Hungary once again. After World War II the region became part of Soviet Ukraine.

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