Human ash and blood painting immortalises murderous cult leader Charles Manson

A year after his death, the ashes of cult leader and convicted murderer Charles Manson have been used together with a Jamestown-based artist's blood to create spooky portraits of the killer, footage from Sunday showed. Based on his much-circulated 1969 mug shot, one of the portraits makes use of Manson’s ashes to fill in his wide-eyed gaze. The artist Ryan Almighty, who is well-known for his... Еще series of blood portraits, obtained the ashes from a man who had attended the cremation and spreading ceremony. «I'll give you some ashes, I just want the first painting that you do,» the man told Almighty. Almighty, who knew Manson from a series of prison phone calls, commented on his blood art saying: «I want people to look at something, to know there's a little piece of an individual in that painting.» Manson, who died at the age of 83, led a cult known as the Manson Family who he instructed to murder nine people. He was convicted of first degree murder and conspiring to kill, and was initially handed the death sentence which was later commuted to life imprisonment.

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