How do you like THAT, Elon Musk? Creator of Tesla Cybertruck lookalike speaks of 'revolutionary design'

Group of Russians amateur engineers recently created their own version of the Tesla Cybertruck. One of the creators, Ilya Ponepolyak, explained the inspiration behind the project in Moscow on Tuesday. “The idea came as soon as Elon Musk announced the release of his car,” said Ponepolyak, adding he thought the design was «revolutionary» in the automobile industry. “The aim was to surprise people... Еще, show how it can be done in Russia, and of course, to pay tribute to Elon Musk for what he does,” he stated. The unusual vehicle looks very similar to its original all-electric counterpart, though Ponepolyak and the rest of his team made the copy using a Russian car VAZ-2109. «We chose VAZ-2109 from the point of view of saving money as we could find a worthy car with a strong body for 35,000 roubles ($566),” he said. Ponepolyak also mentioned that he is pleased with the attention the car has got, adding that the biggest thing for him and his team would be Elon Musk’s appreciation of their work.

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