Hong Kong: 'We are scared of the law' — locals on newly-passed national security law

Hongkongers reacted to the newly-passed National Security Law, Tuesday. One of the locals, Ms. Au said that «a democratically elected government will not use this kind of monitoring and pressure to govern the people,» adding «we are scared of the law, its purpose is to create a white terror.» «For me, the most fearful thing is that I have never seen the provisions of the law,» added another local, Ms. Yip. She added, «we even don't know when we break the law and what's the punishment, that's the most fearful thing.» Earlier in the day, a Chinese news agency confirmed that President Xi Jinping signed the bill, seen as controversial by many Hong Kong residents, adding it to Hong Kong's Basic Law. According to reports, the new bill allows Beijing to open a national security office in Hong Kong which will be in charge of criminal cases related to national security, which is perceived by some Hongkongers as a move to potentially erode the region's autonomy as laid out under the principle of 'one country, two systems.'

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