Hong Kong: Thousands protest to pay tribute to deceased activist

Thousands of protesters from all sections of the society, including many young people, united in a massive rally in central Hong Kong on Sunday, demanding a full retraction of the currently suspended China extradition law, with many calling for the ouster of Hong Kong’s top official Carrie Lam. The sea of protesters poured onto the streets outside the government headquarters, starting their... Еще march from Victoria Park and culminating at the Legislative Council as the contentious bill continued to plunge Hong Kong into a political crisis. Demonstrators dressed in black were seen offering white flowers, burning incense and saying prayers at impromptu memorial sites to commemorate and mourn the death of an activist on Saturday, who reportedly plunged to his death from a construction scaffolding after unfurling a protest banner denouncing the bill. Echoes of protest songs and chants reverberated throughout the rally, which was reportedly peaceful amid tight security. The march comes despite Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam announcing an indefinite suspension of the controversial extradition bill on Saturday, in the wake of clashes between demonstrators and police.

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