Hong Kong: Thousands flood streets in pro-police rally

Thousands rallied in Hong Kong streets on Sunday in support for police, who were criticized by public for their handling of anti-China extradition bill protests earlier. According to media reports, the estimated number of those who attended the rally could vary between 53,000, the number reported by police, and 165,000, according to rally organisers. People gathered outside Legislative Council... Еще Complex, holding banners, reading: «We support Hong Kong police» and «Salute to HK police for protecting our property, security and stability.» Hong Kong police were critisized for using tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes with anti-China extradition bill protesters where dozens were left injured. Hong Kong has been rocked by protests since the end of March. Protests continue despite Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam announcing an indefinite suspension of the extradition bill. Protesters are now demanding Lam's resignation.

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