Hong Kong: Striking healthcare workers demand border shutdown with mainland China

Thousands of public health workers in Hong Kong went on strike for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, in a bid to force the government to shut down the border with mainland China to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Nearly 7,000 members of the Hospital Authority Employees Alliance (HAEA) rallied at the union's headquarters, where doctors and nurses submitted a petition demanding the closure... Еще of the city's ports for health reasons. The alliance's vice-chairman, Ivan Law, apologised for the patients affected by the move, but claimed that the government should be blamed for not listening to citizens' demands. «The main goal for us healthcare providers is the public interest, not a personal interest», echoed a nurse, expressing her frustration. On Tuesday, Hong Kong reported its first victim from the disease, a 49-year old who had travelled to the city of Wuhan. Meanwhile, the death toll rose to nearly 425 world-wide since the outbreak started, with more than 20,000 people infected globally.

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