Hong Kong: Protesters rally as Carrie Lam cancels policy address

Protesters rallied outside the Hong Kong's Legislative Council (LegCo) building on Wednesday, as Chief Executive Carrie Lam was to deliver her annual policy address. The protesters chanted and held a cardboard cutout of Lam, depicting her as closing her ears and wearing a mask over her eyes. Riot police could be seen outside the LegCo building to ensure security. Co-founder of the League of... Еще Social Democrats (LSD), Leung Kwok-hung, informally known as 'Long Hair', also joined the rally. «I don't think Carrie Lam can see us, can [have] dialogue with us. So we request the police to negotiate,» said Leung. Lam was forced to suspend her annual policy address amid the heckling from pro-democracy lawmakers, causing the session to be adjourned. Following the incident, Lam delivered her address via a video link.
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