Hong Kong: Protesters lay out demands with origami cranes

Hundreds of anti-government protesters gathered at Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong on Sunday where they used origami cranes to spell out their demands. Thousands of the colourful paper birds can be seen spelling out the protesters' demands along the water front as protesters chant, «Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.» «The reason why we are here is that we Hong Kongers want to tell the world... Еще what we are asking the government to do. We are still remaining and have the same wish and that is five demands and not one less,» Ben Yip, a protester said at the demonstration. «Despite all the difficulties through these several months we have not lost hope and we are asking the world to stand with Hong Kong in our fight for freedom and democracy.» Hong Kong has been rocked since March by demonstrations sparked by a planned, but now-withdrawn extradition bill. The rallies have evolved into a movement with wider grievances against the Hong Kong administration.

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