Hong Kong: Protesters gather in prayer to call for foreign intervention

Around a thousand protesters rallied in Edinburgh Place in Hong Kong on Saturday, to pray and ask for foreign intervention. Footage shows protesters joining hands in prayer, while another masked person is playing the 'Glory to Hong Kong' anthem on a saxophone. Demonstrators were also heard chanting «Fight for freedom,» with many waving British colonial-era flags of Hong Kong as well as the US... Еще flag. One of the rallygoers took the stage to urge the international community «to send staff to Hong Kong to provide voluntary emergency medical service and monitor them» and to ensure that «all medical and humanitarian workers are protected from any violence and to respect patient's timely access to medical assistance free of fear.» Since March, Hong Kong has been rocked by demonstrations sparked by a planned, but now-withdrawn extradition bill. The rallies have evolved into a movement with wider grievances against the Hong Kong administration.

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