Hong Kong: Pro-democracy protesters pop champagne for electoral victory

Pro-democracy protesters popped champagne to celebrate their district elections victory, as they gathered on Tuesday in Hong Kong's Aberdeen Centre. Hongkongers were seen raising their glasses and toasting, before singing the 'Glory to Hong Kong' protest anthem. The organiser of the celebrations said that the victory of the opposition party «has sacrificed many lives, blood, eyes and sweat. We... Еще should not be complacent.» «Tonight, we celebrate the victory, but don't forget our fight tomorrow to make our movement succeed,» he added. On Sunday night and the early hours of Monday, opposition candidates won a stunning victory in district elections, capturing 389 of 452 elected seats. Hong Kong's 18 districts have long been dominated by pro-government councillors, who used to hold over 300 seats. A record 4.13 million people had registered to vote — more than half the Special Administrative Region's population — and 2.94 million people went to the polls. Turnout was over 71 per cent, compared to a mere 47 per cent in the 2015 election.

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