Hong Kong: Police disperse protesters on Prince Edward station arrests' anniv.

Protesters were dispersed by the police as they took to the streets of Hong Kong on Thursday, to commemorate the eight month anniversary of mass arrests that occurred at a pro-democracy demonstration by Prince Edward railway station last year. Footage shows police warning and dispersing the crowd next to the station, where a makeshift memorial was set up. Protesters have regrouped despite the... Еще government ban on public gatherings of more than four people, amid the coronavirus pandemic. On August 31, police stormed the Prince Edward station, arresting dozens of those who were reportedly on their way home after staging protests with demonstrators criticising police for alleged brutality. The protests in Hong Kong which began last year were largely triggered by an amendment bill for the extradition of criminal fugitives which led to concerns among Hong Kong residents that the bill would subject them to foreign rules, notably those of mainland China.

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