Hong Kong: Police accuse protesters of 'murderous act'

Hong Kong police said protesters were guilty of «several potentially fatal attacks» targeting officers in clashes in and around the Polytechnic University over the weekend. Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen gave a blow-by-blow account at a press conference in Hong Kong on Monday. The first involved a police media liaison officer being struck by an arrow, which Ka-chuen described as a «murderous... Еще act». A group of officers were rammed by a vehicle in the second incident. «To protect themselves from death or serious injury, one of the officers fired a live round at the car,» he explained. The stand-off at the Polytechnic University has seen some of the worst violence since unrest began over a now-withdrawn extradition bill earlier this year. Several hundred protesters are thought to be trapped in the building. Besieging police forces — according to the chief superintendent's statement — have called for those inside to give up their weapons or face the threat of force.

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