Hong Kong: Passengers from mainland China wear masks

Passengers from mainland China were filmed wearing masks as they arrived at the West Kolwoon Railway station in Hong Kong on Friday, after the authorities restricted some of the cross-border travel in an attempt to contain the spreading of the coronavirus. Health officials were also spotted measuring the temperature of visitors at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong, which is where the... Еще majority of the coronavirus-infected people are being treated. The total number of coronavirus infection cases confirmed in Hong Kong has risen to eight, the Hong Kong Health Department said on Monday. The total number of cases confirmed by China stands at almost 6,000, with 132 thought to have died from the disease. The new strain of coronavirus has spread from China to other countries, including the US, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Nepal, France and Germany. Cases were also reported in Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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