Hong Kong: Pan-democrats camp in defiance of LegCo procedural rules change

Around 100 pan-democratic protesters camped outside of the Civic Square next to the Legislative Council in Hong Kong on Monday evening to prevent LegCo procedure rules changes. Pro-establishment lawmakers proposed the amendments, which are aimed at curbing filibusters frequently used by pan-democrats to block bills or motions with which they disagree. «We are camping outside here tonight... Еще against the Legislative Council in protest against the government and the establishment attempt to change the procedure rules of the Legislative Council. And it basically will strip out any remaining power that we have,» one protester said. If passed, Hong Kong pan-democrats claim that issues such as the national anthem law, the controversial joint checkpoint arrangement for the express rail link and national security legislation could be altered unfairly from this law procedural change, weakening their effectiveness as opposition.

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