Hong Kong: Officials provide update on new coronavirus cases in tower block

Hong Kong health officials provided an update on new coronavirus infections on two separate floors in a block of flats at a press conference on Tuesday. The nature of the outbreak at Hong Mei House led to comparisons with the SARS cases at Amoy Gardens in Kowloon Bay in 2003. «At this stage, we can't rule out all possibilities,» explained Professor Yuen Kwok-yung from Hong Kong University... Еще Department of Microbiology Chair of Infectious Disease. «The reason why of those two infected cases were in different floors but in the same column of unit A07, we are not clear,» he added. «We are sure that the case in the lower floor, the air exhausted ventilation was modified and it didn't function well, that is the key factor we suspect might be the main reason.» As a consequence everyone leaving in the equivalent flat — flat seven — on all 35 floors was put into quarantine. «All the results came in negative,» detailed Dr Wong Ka-hing, a controller from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP). The coronavirus outbreak has already infected 49 people in Hong Kong alone, and claimed the life of one person in the Special Administrative Territory.

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