Hong Kong: Number of coronavirus cases rises to 12 — Chief Executive Lam

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the total number of coronavirus cases confirmed in the city has risen to 12, while speaking at a press conference on Friday. «Eleven persons were infected from outside the country, another case is still under investigation. This case has become very important. By geographical area, 7 infected persons are residents of mainland China, and 5 infected... Еще persons are Hong Kong residents,» said Lam. The Chief Executive called on the medical staff planning to go on strike amid the virus outbreak to consider its consequences for the people. «Those who suffer will the patients as well as Hong Kong health care system. I've said repeatedly that we treasure the contribution of our health staff through the years not just about this particular virus incident,» said Lam. Around 6,500 nurses and doctors at public hospitals and health sector workers were reportedly considering going on strike in protest over the Hong Kong government's measures to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

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