Hong Kong: LegCo elections delayed by year to protect 'health and safety' amid pandemic — Lam

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that Legislative Council (LegCo) elections set for September would instead be delayed until next year to protect «health and safety» amid the coronavirus outbreak, in Hong Kong on Friday. «The decision to postpone the 2020 election has nothing to do with politics, has nothing to do with the likely outcome of this round of elections. It is purely on the basis of protecting the health and safety of the Hong Kong people, « said Lam during the presser. Lam said she had sought counsel from Beijing before arriving at the decision of delaying the legislative elections. The leader stated that while the Basic Law allowed for such a delay, it did not allow for the extension of the current legislative council session and thus there would be a legislative «vacuum» or «lacuna,» saying that she had consulted Beijing for advice on this matter. Earlier in the week, Lam expressed her concerns over the COVID-19 infection rate in recent days as 121 new cases have been reported in the Special Administrative Region.

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