Hong Kong: Lawyers challenge new legislation for first time

The lawyers of a defendant charged under Hong Kong's new national security law argued that the law violates constitutional protections regarding the presumption of innocence. Defence counsel Philip Dykes, representing Tong Ying-kit at Hong Kong's high court, could be seen approaching the court on Wednesday. It is alleged Tong was riding his motorbike at a group of police during protest, on July 1. Tong has been accused of carrying a flag covered in the popular slogan «Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times.» There was much support for Tong Ying-kit outside the courthouse, with supporters and demonstrators chanting, ''Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong, five demands, not one less,» while some supporters chased police vans. The case is the first time that Hong Kong's courts have to deal with common law rights versus this legislation recently imposed by Beijing.

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