Hong Kong: Last da Vinci in private hands could fetch $100m at auction

One of fewer than 20 surviving paintings produced by Leonardo da Vinci was seen on display at a Christie's property in Hong Kong, Friday, ahead of its auction at Christie’s in New York. Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' ('Saviour of the World') is expected to challenge for the title of the most expensive work of art in history. Dating back to around 1500, the portrait of Jesus Christ is due... Еще for sale on November 15 where it is expected to fetch up to $100 million (€84 million). It is said to be the last da Vinci painting in private hands. Francois de Poortere, International Director, Head of Department of Old Master & Early British Paintings at Christie's described the picture as showing Leonardo da Vince's maturity. He added that «Leonardo had a very specific technique, which he developed himself called the 'sfumato' which is a technique where he shows where the outlines are actually softly determined. He has elements of these paintings that are more in focus and elements of these paintings that are less in focus.» Salvator Mundi is believed to have been painted in the same period as the Mona Lisa, dating around 1500.

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