Hong Kong: Joshua Wong calls for opposition solidarity in wake of primary results

Winners of an unofficial primary election held by the opposition over the weekend faced the media in Hong Kong on Wednesday after the results were announced. After China imposed a sweeping new national security law on the territory, the opposition hopes to boost 'pro-democratic' solidarity in the city in the wake of the vote, held to choose candidates for legislative elections in September. Joshua Wong, a key opposition activist, called for solidarity and thanked all 600,000 voters during the press conference. «With the crackdown from Beijing we have no room and any chance to have any fragmentation. It's time for us to enhance solidarity and unity,» he stated. The vote is seen as an indirect protest against the national security law by Beijing which has called the primary elections a ''serious provocation.'' The opposition's Wong ended by assuring protesters that «no matter what happens, we will still continue, let the voice of Hong Kongers be heard around the world.''

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