Hong Kong: Holiday villages turned quarantine camps as coronavirus cases reach 830

Authorities designated two holiday camps in Hong Kong to be repurposed as quarantine zones with police setting up roadblocks on Thursday to monitor any movement to and from the facilities, as confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) reached 830, killing at least 26 in mainland China. Footage shows Lady Maclehose Holiday Village, near Hong Kong under quarantine and some busses approaching... Еще roadblocks set up by police. The checkpoints are manned by officers with respiratory masks. The outbreak started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, with cases spreading to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Italy and the US. China has confirmed two deaths outside the outbreak's epicentre. Chinese authorities have put an area encompassing 12 under a travel lockdown affecting up to 35 million people in central China just ahead the country's busiest travel season, the Lunar New Year.

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