Hong Kong: Gelato shop keeping it cool with tear gas flavoured ice cream

A bitter taste common in the clashes between protesters and the police can now be tried in an ice cream parlour in Hong Kong. Sogno Gelato, a pro-democracy shop in Tsuen Wan, is offering customers the inside scoop with tear gas flavour ice cream, as seen on Saturday. The main ingredient is black peppercorns, a reminder of the peppery gas canisters fired by police during the series of... Еще demonstrations that begun last year and are still ongoing, albeit less intensely than last year. «It tastes like tear gas made in China,» said Keung, a customer of Sogno Gelato, comparing the flavour to «the scene of Admiralty,» the administration hub where the government and police headquarters are based. It is also where most of the protests took place, and therefore where most of the tear gas has been fired. The owner, Wa Chung, said the idea behind the ice cream was to remind the public «not to forget» about the fight for democracy, even if protests aren't scheduled every day. The shop also reportedly serves as a space where Hong Kong's democracy movement can express their views in a safe environment. The tear gas flavour was first created around Christmas last year as a limited-edition holiday flavour. The owners vowed to keep it on the menu as long as the government keeps firing tear gas at protesters. Last year, Hong Kong saw the largest protest movement in its history, which united activists calling for more autonomy and an investigation into alleged police brutality. Demonstrations temporarily stopped at the beginning of 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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