Hong Kong: Fleet of robots deployed to disinfect metro of coronavirus

Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway (MTR) metro has rolled out a fleet of robots to help disinfect carriages and stations in an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus. The robots spray a hydrogen peroxide solution as they move through the trains and along platforms. They can either be controlled remotely, as seen in the footage, or given a pre-set route to follow through areas that may have... Еще been contaminated with the virus. «We are the first railway using these hydrogen peroxide robots and we proved that the disinfection is effective,» says MTR operations director Tony Lee. According to MTR, the robots, which cost HK$1 million (about $130,000) apiece, will not replace the regular human cleaning staff. Hong Kong saw a sudden spike of 48 COVID-19 cases this Friday. The total number of cases are now 256.

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