Hong Kong: Dragon Boats Festival kick off with races, music and food

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, also known as «Tuen Ng», kicked off in Hong Kong on Friday, drawing cheering crowds along the city's waterways around Victoria Harbour. Each year dragon boats in the shape of canoes compete against each other in locations such as Victoria Harbour, Stanley Village and Tai Po. Each crew is made up of up to 80 people, paddling according to the rhythm of a drum... Еще beaten by a drummer who sits in the middle of the boat. Tuen Ng is a mix of sports and entertainment, with the event featuring an artisanal market and live music, while traditional food is sold at a number of street food markets. The Dragon Boat Festival, which has been celebrated across Chinese territories for 2,000 years, will also see international races held on 14, 15, 16 June. The celebrations commemorate Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan (340-278 BC).

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