Hong Kong: Dem. Party Chairman says unrest could 'get even worse'

«I can foresee the situation will get even worse in the coming future,» said Democratic Party chairman and lawmaker Wu Chi-Wai, in reference to the protests in Hong Kong, while addressing the media outside the Hong Kong Legislative Council on Monday. Wu's comments came shortly after the spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council expressed Beijing's support for... Еще the actions of Hong Kong's police during the protests as well as for the territory's Chief Executive Carrie Lam. The Democratic party lawmaker condemned the State Council's praise of the police, saying that it will «put the police force on the brink of even more extreme confrontations.» «They don't allow a political problem to be solved by political ways, political means. They heavily rely on police force to do so,» continued Wu. Bonnie Leung, the spokesperson of the Civil Human Rights Front organisation, also addressed the media and said that «the State Council refuses to acknowledge what is happening in Hong Kong.» She asked for an independent inquiry into «the abuse of power by police ever since the 12th of June.» Protests in Hong Kong entered their eighth consecutive weekend on Saturday with tens of thousands of people flooding the streets to call for the full withdrawal of the proposed mainland China extradition bill and the resignation of Lam. On July 21, dozens of masked men attacked commuters and anti-government protesters inside the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) station of Yuen Long with 45 people reportedly being injured during the incident. The Democratic Party is the largest pro-democracy group represented on Hong Kong's legislative council, with seven of the council's 70 seats, and the party has come out strongly against the proposed extradition law, with one of its lawmakers submitting a failed motion of no-confidence against Lam over the bill.

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