Hong Kong: Carrie Lam vows to tackle violence 'head on' as region enters recession

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said her government would «tackle the violence head on» in the opposition movement as the Asian financial markets hub entered recession on Tuesday. Speaking to reporters at the Central Government Complex on Tuesday, Lam said she expected to register negative throughout 2019. It is the special administrative region's first recession since the global financial... Еще crisis of 2008. When asked what political solutions she intended to use to end the unrest, in addition to a raft of economic measures, Lam responded: «The most effective solution is to tackle the violence head on. For the government to resort to measures that will appease the rioters, I don't think that's the solution.» «We understand and appreciate the peaceful protesters' concerns, but until and unless we tackle the violence and put an end to it, it is very difficult to continue the political dialogue,» she added. The unrest in Hong Kong was sparked by a planned but now-withdrawn extradition bill. The protests have since evolved into a movement encompassing a wide range of grievances.

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